Top 3 Popular Cartoon-Based Online Slots – Online Casino

Top 3 Online Slot Based on Popular Cartoons – Online Casino

We all have our favorite cartoon show. We are and never will be ‘too old to enjoy them. Well, sure, adults can still watch cartoons, because why not? In fact, we have our adult types of cartoons. So, online casinos now offer different kinds of cartoon-based online slots.

You sure know that seeing these cartoons gives us that nostalgic feeling and comfort. Having to play your adult casino game with your childhood cartoon friends is an experience you all deserve.

If you’re an online gambler who fancy slot games and loves cartoons, we have a way to hit two birds with one stone. Below are online slot games based on your favorite cartoons.

Cartoon-based online slots

1. Family Guy Slot Machine

cartoon-based online slots - Family Guy Slot MachineThe animated adult cartoon series “Family Guy” features the adventures of an eccentric Griffin family living in New England.

International Game Technology (IGT) powers this game. It was launched in 2014 with outstanding graphics and awesome deals of bonuses and jackpots. This slot game comes in 5 reels and 30 pay lines.


2. Pink Panther Slot Game

This is one of the classic cartoons we all love. Heading back to the ’60s, the cartoon features the life of the ever-famous Panther. The most remarkable feature of this cartoon is its dashing pink color and the fact that he has kept us hooked with having no dialogue throughout the show.

Playtech game developer brought us this game in 2014 and offered five reels and 50 paylines. Your betting denominations range from $0.01 up to $2 NZ per line. The pink color scheme dominates the games, and its’ bonuses and offers revolve around pink like ‘Wheel of Pink Bonus’ and ‘Pink Pow.’


3. The Simpsons Slot Machine

The Simpson has been with us for over 30 years, airing on Fox. It is no doubt that with those years of airing, this cartoon is indeed one of the most successful television shows ever created.

The slot game was brought to you by WMS gaming in 2016. It is a five-reel slot that uses a 5×5 expanded layout and has multiple locations from the cartoon that you’ll get to be while playing the slot game. You’ll be at Kwik-E Mart with Apu, and the next, you’re at the power plant with Homer. The game also features major characters like Homer’s sprinkled doughnuts around the symbols, three-eyed fish, and of course, the Duff beer.

Your online casino experience just got even better with these slot games based on your famous cartoon shows. To find them, check if the cartoon-themed slots’ software providers power your online casino site.

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